Santa Claus Entertainment (SCE) will help you make sure your holiday and Christmas parties have just the right special guests. Don’t just make a wish that Santa will drop by, get your event on his calendar, so Rudolf knows exactly when and where to drop him off.

When Santa enters the room, he really makes a grand entrance. “Ho-Ho-Ho’s” and hugs. Santa will find a place to sit so he can ask the kids (or grown-ups) if they’ve been good throughout the year and what they’re wanting for Christmas this year. Pictures with Santa are always a fun keepsake. Mrs. Claus and helper elves can also join Santa to help entertain larger groups.

Mrs. Claus likes to pose for pictures and read stories to the children while they wait for their turn with Santa.

Santa’s Elves especially like to make balloon animals and do face painting.

If presents have been pre-arranged, Santa will pass out presents from his big red sack. Many party planners like to have a present “from Santa” for each child labeled with their own name. Santa can pick them up before entering the party area.

Before Santa returns to the North Pole, he will read “The Night Before Christmas” to all the girls and boys.

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