Peace on Earth

Dear friends,

We are so happy to have helped so many families and businesses find their ways onto Santa’s schedule for personal visits, but it’s time to step aside and close our father’s businesses down and let his memory rest in peace.

Gary Casey was the founder of SantaAtlanta and SantaClausEntertainment. He started a holiday themed talent agency for families and businesses by making contacts as a courier all year long and meeting so many secret Santas, that he just couldn’t keep the secrets of Christmas magic to himself. He helped so many talented Christmas helpers enchant thousands of people all over the United States with the spirit of joy that a visit from Santa can give.

If you have been a friend of SantaClausEntertainment or SantaAtlanta over the years, then you very may well have the direct number to Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus in your rolodex! Please try those numbers again to make sure you are on Santa’s route again for your next holiday event.

We are no longer working as an agent for holiday talent but we hope you can make use of your contacts from previous engagements. If you are still looking for help finding your way into Santa’s schedule, please search for and support your local real-beard Santa Clauses. Look for well trained and experienced helpers. We will keep this site up and links to our old socials to help guide you to your local holiday friends.

Merry Christmas (any time),

Gary’s Daughter & Son-in-Law,

Colleen & Bryan